With this, "wallet" has been redefined...

With this, "wallet" has been redefined...


A lot of boys should have an experience, that is, the outer back of the wallet is always worn out, and the wallet is folded too much and made rotten. In a chat during a meal, our designers talked about this problem again, and just saw the door hinge on the door outside of the restaurant, and they took a look at it. They thought of putting this hinge together with the wallet, making a  concept wallet. This is the first work of our hinge series.


With this hinge, the structure of the wallet is redefined. The folded position of the wallet becomes a mechanical structure that does not hurt the leather when it is opened and closed, and is not afraid of breaking the leather.

The better protection of the leather adds a unique sense of design to the product, making the boring wallet design a little more varied.

Inside the wallet, there is a banknote compartment and six card slots. The banknote compartment are not the same as the ordinary wallets. The left and right card slots are not connected together. There is a space in the middle to directly see and touch the banknotes. This design is convenient for pushing out the banknotes.

In addition to the design of the card slots, there is another design has a coin purse.

That's it, a hinge is tied to a wallet!